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Please HELP / Iges - pcurves!

QbProg's picture

Hello there!
I'm importing some FACES from an IGES file and I'm trying to get the relative pcurves. I do something like:

Handle(TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient) ListOfCurves = Reader.GiveList("iges-pcurves", igesEntity);

I see that the "ListOfCurves" contains some edges and some wires that are contiguos.
Is there a way do distinguis SINGLE iges-pcurves/holes? Now I can only get the edges/wires but not that information.

For Example, if I have a hole on a surface, i may get 2 EDGES and a WIRE(containing other edges) but I don't know if these edges belong to the same hole! I need to convert every hole to a single wire and then convert it to Bspline_Curve.

There is another thing I don't understand (maybe is my bad english): in the documentation seems like that pcurves are attached to edges. Is it true?


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