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[PATCH 00/25] Cleaning up compiler warnings in OCCT source code

Denis Barbier's picture


People from the OCE project felt the need to make compiler happier by avoiding compiler warnings. We believe that this is a valuable goal, and we already spotted several bugs. I will post a first set of 25 patches against OCCT 6.5.1, each in its own thread.

Roman Lygin's picture

Denis, all,

Just to express my support of this initiative spirit - eliminating warnings is a good valuable goal. Indeed, there are often error-level warnings that must be fixed (no returned value, 32 vs 64 bit issues, ...). I believe that zero warnings must be a check-in criteria for any new commit. As far as legacy files are concerned, it requires a focused effort like this one, so kudos.

Of course, there is a downside when compilers may generate annoying warnings on totally correct code but OCC is not that clean yet to worry about.