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Out of Memory Crash

Burak Canik's picture


I'm using OpenCascade to translate some geometry to .STEP format. Said geometry includes spheres with surfaces and holes cut in them, cone-like shapes (created by revolving a makewire face around an axis by 360 degrees), nuts, screws (composed of two cylinders) and pipes (outer cylinder minus inner cylinder).

I create this geometry using booleans and brepAPI facilities. After creating the geometry (residing in a std::vector< TopoDS_Shape >) I then translate each element in the std::vector like this:

status = stepWriter.Transfer( vec[ index ], STEPControl_AsIs, false );

Then I compute the graph.

stepWriter.WS()->ComputeGraph( Standard_True );

And at this line, application crashes. When I debug it, I see that it raises a "Standard_OutOfMemory" exception. I'm using TBB to parallelize the workload. I tried all MMGT_OPT options (0, 1, 2) but it doesn't solve the problem.

I also incresed the stack reserve and commit sizes to 15mb each. Still crashing.

My application is 32 bits. Current shape count of a project that crashes the app when writing .STEP is 29.096.

What can be done about this ?

P.S. : Also I added MMGT_OPT as a Windows environment variable. Is this how you define environment variables in opencascade ? Or did I get the concept of environment variables wrong ?

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