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Is OpenCascade going out of business?

Kevin Jaeger's picture

Hi Folks,

I don't seem to be able to download OpenCascade. Is it still available?

I received my download e-mail. I then receive an un-authorised notice after clicking the link and being transfered to the site.

I have no cookies or firewall issues at my end.


Kevin Jaeger's picture

Hi There,

I went back to the applet and changed my country from Australia to UK and suddenly it liked me and allowed the download. I am very greatful to DSL and GetRight though.

In the Iraq War, I did not support my prime minister because I believe him to be a lying, thieving, murderous, traitorous little dog and Bush a covetous, lying, murderous swine. I supported France's leader 110% in their opposition to war as most Australians did/still do. You see we have a little dictator slime ball we must get rid of.

Anyway I do not understand why Australians should be locked out of all the OpenCascade fun and others allowed in? I guess its a server problem, which I know you can fix.

I just wish we could fix our prime minister problem as easy. If it were my call I would have this evil little person in chains, I would hand him over to the freedom fighter fathers of six murdered Iraqi children. Whatever these men decided to do with Howard, would be fine by me.

If anyone objects to my comments, I really don't care, I am Australian. Don't bother about signing me up for penis extensions on some sleazy site using my address. For a start my penis is more than adequate and simpson_street is highly filtered, I only use it for these kinds of scenarios. If you wish to email me you need to ring me [0428714499] and give me your email address. No Hotmail or Yahoo etc addresses. Any email from OpenCascade will of course pass the filter. I will accept email from individuals within this venue if you ask me to "allow" your email address.

I am sure some fool is going to say, "do we need that political stuff here". Well you do because certain policical scum want to take OpenCascade from you. They want to allow their friends to patent the binary method of counting, they can already patent naturally occuring substances. Now this really sucks.

Once upon a time, France was on the receiving end of Hitlers friendship and they know the feeling. Bush is no different to Hitler! He is just sneakier. One day the world is going to have to fight the people that Bush works for, that is of course if the Americans don't do it themselves and take back their country which George Washington gave them, with the help of the French.

The earth is being hurt badly, right under our noses and if the scum who are doing it are allowed to continue, there won't be an OpenCascade to enjoy. There may be a ClosedCascade if you are lucky, but Wall St will own it, and you will pay, pay and pay, before your first byte of research touches your compiler.

France did well by saying NO to that lunatic G Dubya. He is one satan sucking little c christian.

Thanks for unblocking Aussies from download site,
Kind regards,

Andrew Lowe's picture

Well, there seems to be some roo's loose in that top paddock!!! To anyone who reads this "rant", not all Australians are fruit cakes....

Kevin Jaeger's picture

"I love free speach" were the words of George Bush in 2003, during his speach to the Australian Parliament when local Greens Senator Bob Brown interupted Bushes speach and demanded the release of Australian prisoners in the Bush Torture Camp in Cuba.

Mr Lowe, President Bush stated that he "loves free speach", so why would I debate such praise?

btw I was curious about any feed back that may arise from my comments, so I did not filter this mail box as usual. To date I have 12 very supportive emails plus your kangaroo court comments. This terrible 12 have provided links to various URLs, including their CAD handiwork examples and local political sites.

Thanks Guys,

Andrew Lowe's picture

Have no idea as to what George Bush and Bob Brown have to do with you being a dill, but I made no comment about a Kangaroo Count, rather that roo's where loose in the top paddock, inferring that you where mad - and after reading your latest diatribe, I think the inference is confirmed.

Enough of this tripe, back to CAD...

Kevin Jaeger's picture

Thanks Andy for proving that free speach is still OK in Australia and that we would never send a man to jail for 3 years for telling a "burning bush" joke to a barman in some tavern.

I hope I am wrong Andy, but it appears like the non bush candidate could pull 90% of the vote and Bushes electronic voting machines are going to funnel the votes to the Bush camp.

Do you know anything about networking, network security, electronics and the very shakey architecture that enabled a bunch of voting machines to present Bush biased data when the overwhelming vote went the other way? I have studied those voting machines and they were clearly designed to be tweaked by dishonest men.

On the other hand there is a new Australian made electronic voting machine that is hack proof. To hack this machine Bush would need to do what Stalin, Saddam and Castro did in their heyday, he would need to gather his opposition together and simply shoot them. The Aussie machines could then be hacked up and throw into the dumpster.

Andy, so what chance do our Aussie friends have of selling their hack proof voting machines to Mr Bush as he praises da lord and sends jet fighters to slaughter women and kids? Something is not quite right there, his Jesusness is just not showing.

What hope do those slick Aussie engineers without the following files?


Andy, I think Bliar and Howard may have copies of these files, but we don't. Our industrious hack proof voting machine designer does not have copies of these files either.

Free speach is great Andy, thank you for input. Some exceptionally responsible people, all very wise human beings have put together a most interesting web site - take a look.


Forum supervisor's picture

Hello Kevin,

Just the latest version Open CASCADE - 5.1 - for last 3 months has been successfully downloaded by lots of Australians.
Your problem is likely some particular case, which we will investigate. Perhaps the problem relates to some
misconfiguration on your side.
Please be sure there's no special treatment for Australian, or whatever else, nation.

Best regards,
Forum supervisor

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