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OpenCASCADE 7.1.0 AIS_TexturedShape has no texture

Serban Stoenescu's picture


I want to display a textured shape. The program doesn't crash, but the shapes are plain. I can change color, material, transparency, etc., but no textures.

I found in other forum posts that I have to call SetSurfaceDetail(V3d_TEX_ALL) from my V3d_Viewer.

However, this was deleted in OpenCASCADE 7.1.0.

I know that my BMP file exists, and I also tried using "1" in SetTextureFileName, but still nothing happens

Any ideas what might be wrong or what should I try?

Here's my code:

void UMAT_MainDoc::displayShape(Handle(AIS_Shape) shape, const Quantity_Color col, const Standard_Real transparency /*= 0.0*/)


Handle(AIS_TexturedShape) occ_aisTextured = new AIS_TexturedShape(shape->Shape());

TCollection_AsciiString fileName("C:\\Users\\serban.stoenescu\\Pictures\\bitmap.bmp");

//TCollection_AsciiString fileName("1");



int nRepeat = 2;

double toScale = 0.5;

occ_aisTextured->SetTextureRepeat(Standard_True, nRepeat, nRepeat);

occ_aisTextured->SetTextureScale(Standard_True, toScale, toScale);

occ_aisTextured->SetTextureOrigin(Standard_True, 0, 0);


occ_aisTextured->SetDisplayMode(3); // mode 3 is "textured" mode


m_hAISContext->SetDisplayMode(occ_aisTextured, 3);

//m_hAISContext->Display(occ_aisTextured, 3,-1);





anshi wang's picture

I have the same problem, have you resoved?