Open CASCADE Technology Training

For a smooth flight to your development goals, sign up now for training that fits both your budget and your schedule.


With OPEN CASCADE training, you can get the maximal productivity in using Open CASCADE Technology components, accelerated understanding of the Open CASCADE Technology architecture thus reducing your software development cycle.

Available courses

The courses content is designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The training courses are divided into sub-modules, or chapters. Each training chapter includes an electronic tutorial in HTML form and a programming exercise to be completed.


Training ordered by the customer shall take place either at its own premises or at the premises of OPEN CASCADE. The exact dates and place of training can be set upon mutual agreement between the customer and OPEN CASCADE.


Training materials and exercises shall be in English. The instructor can provide training in English (or in French, if requested by the customer prior to submitting an order).

Training agreement

OPEN CASCADE is certified as an educational organization. The training agreement shall be prepared and submitted upon receipt of an order.


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