Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!

Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0 is available for download!

May 12, 2015


OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce a new public release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 6.9.0).

Open CASCADE Technology and Products version 6.9.0 is a minor release, which includes about 400 improvements and bug fixes over the previous release 6.8.0.

Version 6.9.0 is binary incompatible with the previous versions of Open CASCADE Technology and Products, so applications linked against a previous version must be recompiled to run with this Version 6.9.0.

New in this version:

Modeling algorithms

  • Fuzzy Boolean operations - possibility to specify global tolerance for a Boolean operation;
  • Support of multiple arguments for a single Boolean operation;
  • Improved performance and thread safety; 
  • Shape proximity detector;
  • Revised usage of Closed flag in shapes;
  • Precise evaluation of edge tolerance;
  • Additional options to tune BRepMesh algorithm; 
  • More robust algorithms of surface-surface intersection and curve on surface projection;
  • Improved support of user feedback messages in Shape Processing;
  • New tool to eliminate small solids in ShapeFix;


  • Redesign of selection mechanism for better performance;
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility improvements;
  • Support of OpenGL viewer on iOS and ray tracing on OS X;
  • Robust implementation of immediate mode using FBO;
  • Option to disable automatic re-triangulation of shapes on display;

Data Exchange

  • Reconstruction of p-curves optimized to accelerate import from STEP;
  • Colors of edges and faces are written to IGES 5.3;
  • Orientation of faces is preserved on export to IGES 5.1;
  • Export to STL and VRML 2.0 corrected;


  • Support of parallelism without TBB library;
  • 64-bit mode becomes default on Windows;
  • Improved stability of performance measurements in tests;


  • Express Mesh : improved quality of mesh near face boundary;
  • C# and Java wrappers: Support of SWIG 3.x;
  • DXF Import: Reading of the recent DXF versions with ACIS data encoded in binary form;
  • ACIS SAT Import: Reading of SAB (Standard ACIS Binary) files.

Detailed information about this release is available in Release Notes (PDF).

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