Let’s change the business rules for software solutions


OPEN CASCADE, a Capgemini Group company, is the expert in industrial 3D software development.

We provide professional services in development of customized software solutions dealing with 3D data, for customers from all industrial domains.

The 3D is now everywhere in the product lifecycle of any industrial company.

This is why OPEN CASCADE has developed a comprehensive offer covering this lifecycle: 3D Engineering, 3D Manufacturing & 3D Post Production.

OPEN CASCADE business model takes the advantages of both “Off-the-shelf software” and “Bespoke software”: it is all about Price, Availability, Adequacy and Freedom.

OPEN CASCADE owns its proper software like any editor does but the difference is that it is not yet packaged: depending on the customer requests, OPEN CASCADE can combine and assemble bricks of Open CASCADE Technology and its other products.

 Then the final software solution is developed and tailored for the customers to fit exactly their requirements.

 As the final solution is made based on the shared and sustainable Open CASCADE Technology, the customer’ software is easy and affordable to maintain.

 The cost of your solution is dramatically reduced because some building bricks already exist and also because OPEN CASCADE is a software editor and knows how to develop software efficiently. For the same reasons, the Time-To-Market is no longer a trouble.

 We help many industrial companies, from small ones to big multinational corporations, to make their best products and win their markets.

 Every day we enhance and accelerate the 3D experience of our customers at every step they need: from their early R&D via their products manufacturing and sales until the end of the lifecycle, from early discussion of 3D needs via creation of a dedicated solution to its long-time software maintenance, from 3D Engineering via 3D Manufacturing  to 3D Post-Production.

 We already helped many companies around the globe to leverage their competitive advantage – we will be excited to do so for you.

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