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OCE-0.6.0 was released

Thomas Paviot's picture


OCE 0.6.0 has been released. This release is source and binary
compatible with OCE 0.5.0.
You can download sources from (.zip) (.tar.gz)

Here are changes since OCE 0.5.0:

* Cmake 2.8 is explicitly required to build OCE.

* Removed many X11 dependencies. Now it is possible to build a large part of
OCE (with the exception of visualisation) without depending on X11 (using
OCE_DISABLE_X11 option).

* Cmake support : Cmake users will be able to correctly find OCE using
FIND_PACKAGE(OCE). Several examples are added to show how to use it in
end-user programs. It is now possible to detect/request single toolkits.

* Packaging : change installation paths; we do no more install files at the
same location as OpenCascade, but adopted more standard paths.

* Tests : integrated gtest 1.6.0 and added other unit tests, which helped in
fixing some bugs. Added MSVC support to the testsuite.

* Win32/MSVC improvements:
+ Enabled configuration files in Win32 platforms
+ Plugins and TKOpenGL are correctly found in debug builds
+ TKOpenGL works when building static libraries

* Modify tcl scripts to not require $env(CASROOT).

* Many small changes, bug fixes and warning removals.
+ Improvements to OSD_Process::SystemDate()
+ TKernel : add dependency against -ldl.
+ Bugfix : Work around a cmake bug that prevented building
Win64+MSVC+static libs
+ Bugfix : add missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx.
+ Bugfix : fix mismatch new/delete in Standard_Failure.cxx
+ Fixed compiler warnings in OpenGl_TextureBox.cxx
+ Whitespace cleanup
+ In module TKOpenGL, fixed the two remaining GCC warnings of the form :
"comparison between ‘enum texStatus’ and ‘enum texDataStatus’"
+ Added missing include in BRepBlend_BlendTool.lxx
+ Fix capitalization of include file
+ pass NULL for timezone pointer to gettimeofday()
+ eliminate bad cast by copying to local variable
+ use localtime_r if available
+ Do not redefine memmove as an alias for memcpy
+ Workaround GCC ( + Fix HashCode, it could segault when MMGT_OPT is not set to 1.

Users who contributed to this release:
Denis Barbier, Thomas Paviot, Hugues Delorme, QbProg,
Matthew Dempsky, Massimo Del Fedele



P Dolbey's picture

Anyone tried 0.6.0 with TBB 4.0. Just want to know if there's any known gotchas.

I've just set up my compilation environment for a pure 0.6.0 build from sources (i.e. on a machine that's never seen 0CCT/Qt before), which seems to be compiling fine. Very impressed with OCE actually so far, quite easy to get started. I'll move into a git environment when I've proved this build (and maybe contribute some patches).


UweM's picture