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OCC 6.3 WOK produces garbage

Torsten Sadowski's picture


I had the problem that WOK from OpenCASCADE6.3.0 did not work for me. Luckily someone else fixed it for the Debian packages. I just don't know if it has been reported upstream as there was no mention in the forum.

P.S. Special thanks to Denis Barbier for fixing

Fix WOKStep_Extract::Execute

This step did put garbage into generated file, because a pointer was used
after it has been freed.

diff --git a/ros/src/CPPExt/CPPExt.cxx b/ros/src/CPPExt/CPPExt.cxx
index 4d96c47..a651607 100644
--- a/ros/src/CPPExt/CPPExt.cxx
+++ b/ros/src/CPPExt/CPPExt.cxx
@@ -397,7 +397,8 @@ void CPP_BuildMethod(const Handle(MS_MetaSchema)& aMeta,
const Handle(TCollection_HAsciiString)& aTypeName=retType->TypeName();
pTypeName=(char *)aTypeName->ToCString();
- pTypeRet=(char *)CPP_BuildType(aMeta,aTypeName)->ToCString();
+ const Handle(TCollection_HAsciiString)& aTypeRet=CPP_BuildType(aMeta,aTypeName);
+ pTypeRet=(char *)aTypeRet->ToCString();
//modified by NIZNHY-PKV Mon May 5 15:10:12 2008f
if (m->IsPtrReturn()) {
diff --git a/ros/src/WOKUnix/WOKUnix_Process.cxx b/ros/src/WOKUnix/WOKUnix_Process.cxx
index dd6caf6..fa649c7 100644
--- a/ros/src/WOKUnix/WOKUnix_Process.cxx
+++ b/ros/src/WOKUnix/WOKUnix_Process.cxx
@@ -373,6 +373,6 @@ void WOKUnix_Process::Kill()
void WOKUnix_Process::Destroy()
- delete myargv;
+ delete [] myargv;