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OCAFStdApp problem in version 6.5.4

Chanaka Mallikarachchi's picture

I have an application using OCAF which has been working fine with version 6.5.3. However, once I upgraded to version 6.5.4 both
PCDM_ReaderStatus status = ocafStdApp->Open(path,ocafStdDoc); and

lines result in a crash of the program.

ocafStdApp is from AppStdApplication. (static Handle(AppStd_Application) ocafStdApp = NULL);
ocafStdApp = new AppStd_Application(); works without a problem, so that I can create a new file. Saving is the problem.
ocafStdDoc is from TDocStd_Document class. Note that all this works perfectly in 6.5.3.

Any ideas? I couldn't find any changes in 6.5.4 documentation. Please help.

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