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OCAF : Making an Application

Denis Teissandier's picture

I am trying to make just a little Application with OCAF.

1. I have created a package Mecanisme and I have made a class Application in it.

The class Mecanisme_Application inherits TDocStd_Application.

I had to define two methods : ResourcesName and Formats are deferred in TDocStd_Application.

2. I build my package Mecanisme.

3. I have created an executable UD in order to use Mecanisme_Application. In the source file, I want to build a class Mecanisme_Application : Handle(TDocStd_Application) truc= new Mecanisme_Application();

Compil and Link are OK.

But during the execution of the built binary file, this message is displayed :

*** Abort *** an exception was raised, but no catch was found. The exception is:0xed1cd4f0 : Plugin_Failure: could not find the resource:a148e300-5140-11d1-a904-080036aaa103.

This is made by CDF_Session::LoadDriver() called by TDocStd_Application::TDocStd_Application

Conclusion : how to avoid this message and use truc ?

Thank you for any help.

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