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OCAF: file retrieval does not work

Thomas Haller's picture


When trying to save a document within my OCAF application I found a problem which also exists for the OCAF sample on Windows.

I can save a session to a file. This file looks quite reasonable. If I then try to load this file again, no entities are found and nothing is being displayed. If I try to read the OCAF sample file tutorial.sta, its content is correctly read and displayed.

My next test was to save again the content of tutorial.sta under another name. The resulting file shows some differences to the original one and again can't be read correctly.

My feeling is that OCAF uses different schemes for reading and writing documents.

I also tried the same on a Linux system (using the FLTK version of the sample). There saving and retrieving a session worked, whereas reading the tutorial.sta caused a crash.

Can anybody help me?

Best regards


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