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normal vector bug?

Anonymous's picture

I can not understand meaning of normal vector values in find Open cascade normal vector.

I tested as following process.

1. Box created in solid works 2000.

2. The data exported step.

3. Open Cascade imported the data

4. After any surface of solid selected, I find

normal vector as follws.

gp_Pln aPln = aPlane->Pln(); gp_XYZ aNormale = aPln.Axis().Direction().XYZ);

x = aNormale.X(); y = aNormale.Y(); z = aNormale.Z();

The normal vector of X axis and Y axis are right the values (1,0,0) (-1,0,0)-- left and right surface of X axis. (0,1,0),(0,-1,0) -- left and right surface of Y axis.

But left and right surface of Z axis result in false values.

That Both values result in (0,0,1) (0,0,1) left and right surface of Z axis.

I don't understand why the values are same.

I think of fuction bug that find values of normal vector.

Then How do i ?

Please tell me solution to solve this problem.


Best regards

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