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Need to Set Assemblies to Meshes

Scott Dawayne Wanger's picture

I am wanting to loop through the assemblies in a .stp file then get the meshes for those assemblies. I have successfully built and added the C# example to my project but this requires i put a the viewer on my page i am just needing the meshes then i can convert them. This way i can use webgl on my page. Is there any examples that would help with this.

Roman Lygin's picture

As there was no response for the last few days, let me step in.
This can likely be easily done with CAD Exchanger SDK. Please email me at roman dot lygin at cadexchanger dot com for more details, if interested.
Thank you,

Forum supervisor's picture

Hi Roman,
Not sure if CAD Exchanger can be a good example for Scott, just because I believe that Scott needs a source code example, right? Or now you also provide your software in open source ;)?

Hi Scott,
For the source code examples for dealing with STEP assemblies, please, have a look to the implementation of a set of Draw commands to deal with XDE - eXtended Data Exchange, implemented in the file XDEDRAW_Shapes.cxx.

The command to read a STEP file into an XDE document is 'ReadStep' (see XDEDRAW_Common.cxx).
The command to mesh a shape is 'incmesh' (in MeshTest.cxx).

Hope this can help you.
Best regards,
Forum supervisor

Scott Dawayne Wanger's picture

I am looking for what i will turn the assemblies inside of a STEP file to a STL Export.

Forum supervisor's picture

You may refer to the source code of the command 'writestl' for STL writing (see XSDRAWSTLVRML.cxx).

Hope this helps.
Forum supervisor

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