Numeriek Centrum Groningen
Engineering, Ship Design

NCG uses Open CASCADE Technology to develop its NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D ship design software.


NUPAS-CADMATIC's multi-disciplinary 3D design and engineering applications are highly integrated, ensuring consistent and error-free models for all ship design and production phases.

NCG has been using Open CASCADE Technology since 2006 for its Nupas-Cadmatic software. Initially it was used for importing ship hull shapes from external sources like IGES files. Standard OCCT import capabilities were extended with the OPEN CASCADE ACIS SAT Import/Export component.

Later an application was built on top of Open CASCADE Technology to manage the imported shapes.

Open CASCADE Technology is also used for:

  • visualization and calculations like plane-surface intersections on imported shapes;

and for creation of:

  • section drawings *
  • complex solids
  • holes, cutouts and end-cuts to the solids

OPEN CASCADE has also been successfully providing various services to NCG since 2006 including E-learning and A-la Carte support.


(*) Using Open CASCADE Technology surface-surface intersection algorithms.