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Naming data in IGES Export

Philippe Carret's picture

Dear OCC members,

We are trying to export names of our entities in IGES export and we are not fully successful (enclosed is a 3d viewer screenshot) .
It works only for the first entity.
We don't know how to set names of hierarchy at level 0 and level 1

|_ level 0
| level 1 (only this one "JOUE_DRO" is OK)
| level 1
|_ level 0
| level 1
| level 1
| level 1


Here is our code :

TopoDS_Shape ithShape;
CString ithName;
Handle(IGESData_IGESEntity) ithEntity;
// Handle(IGESData_NameEntity) ithNamedEntity;
// Handle(IGESData_LevelListEntity) ithLevelListEntity;

for (Standard_Integer iShape = 1; iShape {
ithShape = aSequenceOfShape.Value(iShape);


Handle(IGESData_IGESModel) aModel = _igesWriter.Model();
Handle(IGESData_IGESEntity) aModelEntity = aModel->Entity(iShape);
// Handle(IGESData_LevelListEntity) aLevelListEntity = aModelEntity->LevelList();

ithName.Format("MM%d", iShape);
aModelEntity->SetLabel(new TCollection_HAsciiString(Standard_CString((LPCSTR) ithName)));



I've tried to read IGESCAFControl_Writer.
Any code or any indication is welcome.

Thanks for any help,