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minimal working example wxwidgets/opencascade (mingw64 windows)

sander boer's picture

Hi All,

I made a minimal working example that implements the "MakeBottle" example in a wxwidgets gui, the only functionality is right mouse button rotates the view.
The exercise here is to investigate how opencascade and a gui work together. Turns out it is complicated and easy simultaneously. Opencascade does a lot of grunt work like shading, cameras, etc 
But the downside is that some GUI toolkits are incompatible, QT5 and wxwidgets work, but implemening it in GTK+ 3.0 proved to be less than trivial. GTK+ 3 has a double buffered draw cycle which results in gtk painting over the viewer in every frame. Turning off double buffered used to be possible, but is now depreciated.
I'll post a question on the gtk boards, maybe I can interfere in the draw cycle, but like I said, it will be non-trivial.

This example is set up using Msys2-MINGW64, but should also compile in a visual studio setup, but I am not the right person to give visual studio setup advice.

For those interested, my OCE compile for msys2-mingw64 can also be downloaded here:


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