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[MESSAGE] New Charter

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This forum is dedicated to the developers of Open CASCADE including:

Development Projects
- Projects Specifications
- Use of code design, analysis and test tools.
- Coding issues and problems
- Suggestions on test setups for specific systems.
- Programming solutions.

Project-management issues
- Organizational changes due to Open CASCADE use, training tasks necessary to master Open CASCADE.
- Concurrent engineering issues.

Software Choices and Tools
- Hardware and Software requirements.
- Pitfalls to watch out for.

Status: Moderated

Moderation policy:
Language shall be English.
All posts shall be directly related to the subject of Open CASCADE.
Topics of a political, philosophical or religious nature SHALL NOT be posted.
No job postings.
No binary
HTML tags are allowed.
No announcements.
No advertising.

Moderator's annotations:
* The moderator does not edit posts. They are either accepted as-is or deleted without explanation. To get a reply your email address must be valid. The moderator will not try to remove any "NOSPAM" strings before replying.
* If you think your post was deleted in error, your appeal will be reviewed by a third party.
* If you feel that someone else's post should not have been approved, please address your complaint to the moderator rather than posting a followup to the group.
* To avoid flames over netiquette issues, the moderator may ask you to correct your post.
* We explicitly accept ON TOPIC press releases.
* Attempts to re-post anything that was accepted less than 45 days ago will be treated as a duplicate.
* Please inform the moderator at in case of spam posts. We shall make sure to avoid such problems.
Moderator's address:

We hope to keep the moderation light, and allow most non-spam posts.

Regis Le Boite

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