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Mesh's picture

Is there any way to Built a TopoDS_Face from a set of triangles (vertex and normals).

The way to create polygons from triangles and add them with BREPOffsetAPI_Sewing is not good because it create 1 TopoDS_Face for each triangle and I want to have only 1 TopoDS_Face for all the set of triangles

Patrik Mueller's picture


at the moment I'm working on a "FaceCollector" for meshes. So I hope to get useable results next week.

Best regards,
Patrik Müller

Xavier Lhomme's picture

It could be usefull if your collector could create face with triangles which intersect themselves


Patrik Mueller's picture


my main intention with my collector is reducing the number of resulting shapes when reading (or building) large mesh structures with triangles.
So lets see - but I think it (should) works with self intersecting triangles.

Best regards,
Patrik Müller's picture

I think your intention is what I need. I would like to import meshed files. I can get a list of triangles for each face. For the resulting cascade shape I only want 1 face for each face of the initial model. Each of these faces is given by the list of triangles for this face.
Best regards.
Dominique CHABAUD

Patrik Mueller's picture


I know what you mean - I've got the same problem. I have absolutely no interest generating huge compounds just for triangles when importing mesh datas from 3DS and so on....
But I want to use the data for topological operations - so I have to reduce the number of triangles - it isn't funny testing such mesh routines with a PIII with 500 Mhz ;-))

Best regards,
Patrik Müller

PG's picture

its been long .. any way we can reduced the no. of triangles
after reading traingle mesh data.
i.e creating less no. of face's representing these triangles.



Patrik Müller's picture


if you don't need the exact topology from the meshes take a look aq qslim!



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