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Manage selection and hilight of each node from shape's decomposition

Dmitry Kidyaev's picture

Is it possible to manage selection and hilight of shape's decomposited nodes (from parent shape) without create specific AIS objects?
I mean the folowing issue.
Here some code.
while (AISCtx()->MoreDetected())
const TopoDS_Shape &shp = AISCtx()->DetectedShape(); // posible to get decomposed topo object
// AISCtx()->DetectedInteractive(); - this returns hole shape (not decomposed object)
// here I want to hilight or not the node of decomposition (due to my rules).

Also I want to manage selection like detection how I described above.

Dmitry Kidyaev's picture

Solved the hilight case.
Here is the sample.

while (AISCtx()->MoreDetected())
Handle(AIS_InteractiveObject) aisobj = AISCtx()->DetectedInteractive();
Handle(SelectMgr_EntityOwner) own = AISCtx()->DetectedOwner();
// deside to hilight or not
const TopoDS_Shape &shp = AISCtx()->DetectedShape();
I do not sure that it the prober solution but it seems that it works.

Mimosa Olive's picture

Did you had to activate the context for detection or anything? I do not detect anything for me, it simply doesn't go inside the loop at all when I have my mouse over a shape. I tried this line at the init stage of the context but without success:

mContext->Activate(TopAbs_SHAPE, Standard_True );