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Local Sewing with OpenCascade

Game Milky's picture

Dear OpenCasacde supervisors and users!

It is informed that local sewing is possible in OCCT?
I went through documentations and forum! Couldn't find any clue how to start with?
I am using already global sewing for OCC shape, it works well for me! But for local sewing no idea!

Any ideas?
and thank you in advance!

With Best Regards


Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Game Milky,
See class BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing.
First you should Load() a context shape
and after use Add() for sub-shapes which should be locally sewed.

Timo Roth's picture

I wasn't aware of local sewing until now.

Does it mean that using it you can get better performance?
E.g. could you specifiy the edges where two faces should be sewed and then the algorithm doesn't have to analyse all edges?


Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Timo,
Q1: theoretically - yes.
Q2: Your understanding is not correct.
If you want to sew faces, than add the faces to be sewed only.

Timo Roth's picture

Dear Forum supervisor and others,

it would be nice if someone could explain a use case for local sewing or how it can be used to get better performance than with global sewing.


Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Timo,
Unfortunately this feature still is not documented.
Therefore I suggest you to register the corresponding issue in Mantis Bug Tracker.

Timo Roth's picture

OK, I've registered it in the bug tracker: