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Load Iges Curve

Vincenzo Terranova's picture

I'd like to load an Iges File,where there is a curve.
How can I do?
How Can I modify this code:
SoSeparator* readIGESFile(const char *filename){
//Loading the IGES file
IGESControl_Reader reader;
//Translate the whole file
//Dichiarazione del nodo che sarà ritornato
SoSeparator *parentNode = new SoSeparator;

/*Translate a list of entities, entity by entity;
Each time you invoke TransferEntity, Transfer or Transferlist, their results are accumulated
and NbShapes increases.
TransferRoots operations automatically clear all existing results before they
returns the number of shapes recorded in the result.*/

for (int i=1;i {
Handle_ShapeFix_Shape sfs = new ShapeFix_Shape(reader.Shape(i));
shapes.Append(sfs->Shape()); //sfs->Shape() returns the first result in a translation operation.

SoSeparator *newSolid = new SoSeparator;
//occShape2FaceSets(sfs->Shape(), newSolid);

return parentNode;
delete currentFileName;
currentFileName = new char[strlen(filename)];


This code is performed for loading a Iges file with surface!
Help me!

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