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link between Topology and Graphic3d

Florent MOULLET's picture

Is there any link between the packages :

Topology Graphic3d

Like obtaining a structure from a shape or its boundary box?

Michael Gandyra's picture

Graphic3d is mainly used for visualization purposes. Topology is just Topology (based on Boundary Representation). Please be more precise, and refine your question if necessary. If you like to get a Graphic3D_Structure from a TopoDS_Shape, the easiest way is to extract the geometry from the Shape (using BRep_Tool) and construct a Prs3D_Presentation, which inherits from Graphic3D_Structure (to do this, you need the context to your view, of cause). With several static methods of the package StdPrs, like StdPrs_Curve::Add(), you are able to fill the presentation with your extracted geometry.

Best regards,

Michael Gandyra


University of Kaiserslautern

Research Group for Computer Application in Engineering Design


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