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IOS Support CAD Assistant

Daniel Banek's picture

After installation of CAD Assistant on a new IPad Pro 2020 I am not able to import a Step file. The open dialog only shows the samples, the documents folder is empty and trying to open the step file in CAD Assistant ends in an error message "file not found". The last update was 2018. Is there still an intend to support the App or is it slowly dying?

Edit: I downloaded the windows version and I can display the step file on my laptop without problems. Would be great if I could do the same on my Ipad.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

How you have uploaded STEP file on device - via iTunes? Or you see this error while opening files from Samples?

Daniel Banek's picture

I have accessed the file via iCloud (52Mb), just tapping on the file and tried to open in CA which didn't work. I copied the file to an internal folder on the Ipad and tried the same without success. I try to avoid iTunes as much as possible.... The samples all work without a problem.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

What about sending the file via email - it doesn't work either?

Daniel Banek's picture

I have transferred the file via itunes as suggested and it worked (to be honest I wasn't aware of the file sharing capability in itunes I always used iCloud Airdrop etc.). It would be nice to access the new file explorer from the Open File dialog button but it works for now. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Step files as attachments are normally too big at least with the email providers I have.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

I understand that email is not good way for sharing files, but could you just check if it works or not with a small file?
As it worked in older versions of iOS (and basically should work in the same way as sharing from iCloud app).

Daniel Banek's picture

Luckily I had a file of just 20Mb which I could directly attach to a gmail email. Yes I could open it. Larger than 25 Mbytes you can only send a link to google drive and this doesn't work any longer.

Just noticed that a new directory for CAD Assistance appeared on my Ipad because of the itunes copy. I can now copy the files from the iCloud there and I can open it directly. Problem solved! Workaround to just save one of the sample files, this will most probably create the directory as well. If you are interested, I can send you the error message when trying to open a file directly from iCloud or another file location.

Edit: Error message attached

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Good to know, that there is a workaround now.
And that problem is specific to sharing files from iCloud.

Daniel Banek's picture

Thanks a lot again. Just to let you know, I have fiddled around with some step files and after a while I got an error message that there is not enough RAM available and the load stops (the new Ipad Pro has 6Gb) after a reboot it worked again, happened two times. No showstopper. And if you touch the app, it uses still the old QXGA resolution of the Ipad , the newer Ipads have higher resolution, not a big deal either. I send some screenshots to collegues they were deeply impressed. Have a nice weekend.

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