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Integrate OpenCascade into an existing Framework

Andreas Müller's picture

Hi all, I'd like to integrate the OpenCascade Modeler into an existing Application framework. This Framework uses a stream like object to draw primitives(lines, arcs, circles, polylines shells...).With the Modeler I'm using now, I just was streaming each face as a shell by hand. Reading the documentation, I found out about the Ais interactive context, which seams to do everything for me, and even more. The question is: how can I connect the context to my stream, which functions have to be overriden, and which should be. Part of that is: where does the actual drawing happen, which is where I like to hook in my stream. A short descripion (just keywords and bullets)would really help me to get ahead faster, allthough I wouldn't mind a longer one :-). Cheers and thank you in advance, Andy

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