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incorporating text into ais_shape

Kar Heng Chan's picture


been trying to include text display into ais_shape. basically, took the sources of ais_shape, modified them and renamed the class.

i have some problems with it though. most obviously now, they are color change and selection.

i can change the color of the object, but not through ais_interactivecontext. i can select the object, but it doesn't get highlighted.

anybody able to help?

the constructors, compute methods and setcolor method was modified.

the Compute method now has these added:

if(myText.Length()>0) {

Standard_Real x,y,z;

// multiply (0,0,0) with myLocation to obtain required point




Handle_Geom_Transformation trsf;

trsf = Transformation();



Prs3d_Text::Draw(aPrs,myDrawer,myText,gp_Pnt(x,y,z)); };

the ComputeSelection method now has these added:

if(flagEmptyText==0 && flagEmptyShape==1)


aSelection->Add(new Select3D_SensitiveBox(owner,0-0.05,0-0.05,0-0.05,0+0.05,0+0.05,0+0.05));


the SetColor method now has these added:

Handle_Prs3d_TextAspect myTextAspect=new Prs3d_TextAspect(); myTextAspect->SetColor(aCol.Name()); myDrawer->SetTextAspect(myTextAspect);

thanks in advance

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