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Incomplete Initializer with gp_Pln

Game Milky's picture

I come across an error in using gp_Pln, here block block of coding!

Any help please!

bool OCCT_FLITE::isKnuckleEdge(const TopoDS_Edge& edge)

TopoDS_Shape result;
TopoDS_Face FaceA; //face explored from shape
Handle(Geom_Curve) curve = BRep_Tool::Curve(edge, first, last);
GeomAdaptor_Curve adaptorCurve(curve);
GCPnts_UniformAbscissa algo(adaptorCurve, 5, first, last);

//Loop over the two center points of comparison
for(i = 2; i {

//level define

double param = algo.Parameter(i);
gp_Pnt point;
gp_Vec tangent;
curve->D1(param, point, tangent);
gp_Dir normal(tangent);
gp_Pln Sectionplane(point, normal); //Section plane

BRepAlgoAPI_Section cutAlgo(faceA, Sectionplane, Standard_False);
result = cutAlgo.Shape();


Error message....
error: variable ‘gp_Pln Sectionplane’ has initializer but incomplete type

Any help with this problem


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