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Import of STEP Files

Omar Msaaf's picture

Hello, I tried to import some files from Catia, and i had strange results. Indeed when i imported complex parts, the import caused the programm to crash. Meanwhile importing simple revolution pieces worked just fine. Could you please telle us how to avoid such crashes. Is there a procedure to follow concerning surfaces etc ?? Any help would be appreciated. best regards Omar Msaaf

C R Johnson's picture

Which version of Catia on what platform?

Omar Msaaf's picture

I use this version of Catia. We did a test with a cube with a through hole, and the conversion worked fine as with a revolution surface. But when we took a more complex surface, it didn't work anymore. Best regards. Omar Msaaf

C R Johnson's picture

You should install and try again with one of the latest V5R3 service packs (8 or 9 I think).

I have not tested recently with STEP, but I know for certian that IGES files from V5R3

I suspect that STEP files may suffer from the same problems ( and hopefully benifit from the same fixes ) because when I did some testing earlier, with V5R3-SP4, the results from both IGES and STEP were similarly unusable.


Omar Msaaf's picture

I will warn the administrator to install the necessary SP Thank you Omar Msaaf

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