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how to splite a shell

srq503's picture

Dear all:
Is there any method to splite a shell by another shell,I tried many ways ,but they all failed.
anybody else who knows how to solve this problem,please help

best wishes!

Sharad Verma's picture

I am also looking for this issue, but could not find any solution. Can somebody please help??

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Sharad,
You may use BRepFeat_SplitShape or LocOpe_SplitShape.

Sharad Verma's picture

Dear Forum Supervisor,

In my case, I have a Shell and I want to cut the Shell with a Wire. I don't know the wire belongs to which face. Thats why I am unable to use BRepFeat_SplitShape or LocOpe_SplitShape.

Thanks for reply

srq503's picture

Dear Forum supervisor:
I used the BRepFeat_SplitShape to splite a shell with another shell,it didn't worked well
if the shell imperfect,Can you give me an example how to use LocOpe_SplitShape.
Waiting for your reply.

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear srq503,
First of all both your arguments should be valid (you can check it with BRepCheck_Analyzer).
Short description (with example) you may find at the chapter "9. 1. 3 The SplitShape Class" of
the "Modeling Algorithms User's Guide".
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srq503's picture

have you solve this problem?

Contact us

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