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How to remove sub shapes like faces from an AIS object?

Dulana Hansisi's picture

I'm using following code to create a box and it displays all the 6 faces on AIS display one by one. I can select either one face or multiple faces in my program. What I really need to do is select one or more faces from that box and remove all that selected faces from the AIS display.

TopoDS_Shape aTopoBox = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox(3.0, 4.0, 5.0).Shape();


TopExp_Explorer* boxFaceExp = new TopExp_Explorer(aTopoBox,TopAbs_FACE);

while (boxFaceExp->More()) {

//theSolidTool = TopoDS::Solid(solidExplorer->Current());

TopoDS_Face face= TopoDS::Face(boxFaceExp->Current());

Handle(AIS_Shape) anAisBox = new AIS_Shape(face);


myOccView->getContext()->Display(anAisBox, Standard_True);



AND if I display the box(it can be a solid or a shell) as a one object on the AIS display, how could I remove a face(sub shape of the box) from that AIS box object?

Thank You!



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