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How to get a silhouette?

Alexey Gorshkolep's picture

Does anybody know how to get a silhouette of a shape? I successfully use HLR algorithms to get a 2D view of a model, and it seems that HLR can solve this problem too, but I don't understand how. I use HLRBRep_HLRToShape to filter results of Hide() operation, but how can I combine shapes from HLRToShape to obtain only a silhouette? May be there is some other solutions without HLR?

Mauro Mariotti's picture

I also am looking for silhouettes of a shape, but I mean 3d outline curves too (lying on the surfaces), not just their projection on the "view" plane.
Maybe they are found somewhere inside the HLRBRep or HLRTopoBRep algorithmns.

Any advice?


PG's picture

Can u enlighten by sharing some output in any other CAD system ?
- pg