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how do i select a point?

Anonymous's picture

I created a PointMesh class . This class helps to store and display Point Cloud vertices in a fast way. The method is as follows.

Handle(Graphic3d_Structure) theStructure = Handle(Graphic3d_Structure)::DownCast(aPresentation);
Handle(Graphic3d_Group) theGroup= new Graphic3d_Group(theStructure);
Handle(Prs3d_AspectMarker3d) asp;
asp = myDrawer->PointAspect();
Graphic3d_Array1OfVertex& theArray = GetVertices(); //my points

But I want to allow the user to select a point

As these point clouds are not part of TopoDS classes, but merely coordinates which I inserted into the display, the existing selection tools doesn't allow me to select a point and highlight it?

ComputeSelection (const Handle_SelectMgr_Selection& aSelection,const Standard_Integer /*aMode*/)
for ( Standard_Integer theIndex = 1 ; theIndex {
Handle_cmtkMesh_Vertex theVertex = theVertices.FindKey(theIndex);
Pnt P = theVertex->Point();
aSelection->Add(new Select3D_SensitivePoint(Ownr,P));

Now, if user select a point, all points selected.
I want to select only selected point.
But i don't know how to do i?