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How can I start OpenCascade 6.2 with vc++ 6.0

manohar's picture

I am beginner for Open Cascade tool, I am trying to do the tutorial application given under the site as My First Application(To make a bottle).
I installed the OpenCascade6.2 into My PC in C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0 and My pc is configured to 32bit,Windows Xp,Sp2.
I copied the *.awx files from C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0\tools to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Template

Then I opened the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0----File->New, I found the following two wizards:
--Open CASCADE Technology Ocaf AppWizard
--Open CASCADE Technology Viewer3d AppWizard
1)Here,for which AppWizard I have to go?,what is the functionality of each?

First I went to “Open CASCADE Technology Ocaf AppWizard”, I gave the project name as--”First”
then it generated the following 8 files under Source Files folder:

And under Header Files folder:

2)Here under source files In which file I have to start coding,which is the main function—What is the each file functionality, give me the detailed information as I am new to this technology, also for header files.
3)After writing the code, what is the process to compiling and executing.
4)What are the files I have to set for OCC,like
--projects->settings->?????????????(What I have to set here like include files,src files,lib files,exe files)
--Tools/options->???????????(What I have to set here)
--What r the environmental variables I have to set,give me the complete path

To achieve My First Application(Make Bottle)--give me the complete process from installing the Open Cascade to get the output as Bottle.

Please give me reply

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