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Our Helpdesk is always at your immediate disposal.


Helpdesk is probably the most convenient hence the most often used service.

Helpdesk query is an option that brings you expert help for a one-shot technical issue.

Within the frame of this service, you may submit a problem or task description (a query) to a Helpdesk representative. A query is defined as a problem that cannot be broken down in subordinate problems, and that happens in the course of normal usage of the software.

Upon receipt of a query, the Helpdesk representative registers the query and sends an e-mail back to the requester, to confirm the query receipt. After that, the Helpdesk representative analyzes the query, or dispatches it to another specialist for analysis.

In response to a query, the Helpdesk representative sends back an advice, a recommendation on how to solve the problem, a workaround of a bug, etc. This may include some minimum code development, scripts for the Draw Test Harness, particular hints and tricks and other miscellaneous information.

Individual helpdesk queries are only available as an option within support programs.


To confirm the receipt of a query, the Helpdesk representative sends an e-mail back to the requester within the next 4 business hours following the query receipt. The Helpdesk representative must provide the first answer to the query within 3 business days following the query receipt.

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