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Happy New Year !

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Community,

First of all, OPEN CASCADE Company would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We always appreciate your valuable activity on the Forum and we especially thank you for your regular inputs provided during the past year: we do consider them as one of the major factors of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) improvement and evolution.

Herewith we would also like to inform you that the next major public release (OCCT 7.0) that was initially announced for December 2010 is in its final productive stage, and we need a few more weeks (until the mid of February 2011, as we plan currently) to finish some formal but important attributes.

This delay was caused by a very high load of our team at the end of this year with Customers’ projects which, as you all know, are the most valuable source of our regular investments into OCCT development.

It is pity we were not able to anticipate such radical increase of business activity earlier, but it is good that our numerous sold projects we are to finish in the nearest future will significantly meliorate the next OCCT release, for the best of OCCT users community.

We do rely on your understanding, we thank you in advance for your patience and we believe our further mutual efforts will assure that both, the advanced technical features and the good quality of the next OCCT public release, will become a good start of your next year development.

Yours sincerely,

InnoAppTech's picture

Very well meant notice and important. Thanks, and all the best in your good works, and final touches - crucial!

InnoAppTech Team

QbProg's picture

Thank you for the whisesh , and Happy New Year to all the OCC team!

I missed something: you are speaking about the OCC 7.0. But what about the 6.4 being made available to the open source community? It was said that every release would be made available to download after some months delay (for 6.4 it was around december).
It should be a matter of releasing "already-done" packages, isn't it?

Could you clarify this, please?

Thank you, :)

Forum supervisor's picture

Hello Thomas,

It is true that we planned to publish OCCT version 6.4 as public open source release in December 2010.

However, later we have changed our mind and decided to reschedule the release date, which is caused by numerous reasons: business, technical, resource and others. We know that flexibility and efficient management are crucial for our competitiveness at the market of IT services, so we always try to combine our business objectives and the requests from the OCCT community in the most optimal way.

We wish to prepare the public release in the most careful and efficient way and provide the community with the state-of-the-art version of our product. It means that we plan to ameliorate version 6.4 with advanced features, long-expected by the OCCT community.

So we hope that finally our effort will be well appreciated.

We wish you a wonderful holiday, a Happy New Year and we strongly believe that you and your business will be fully successful staying together with OPEN CASCADE.

Yours sincerely,
Forum supervisor

jelle's picture

>>>It means that we plan to ameliorate version 6.4 with advanced features, long-expected by the OCCT community

Now, that *is* good news!

>>>So we hope that finally our effort will be well appreciated.


P Dolbey's picture

Dear Forum Supervisor

I have to say how disappointed I am that you have cancelled the OCC 6.4 December 2010 release after the advanced notifications that were posted at

in favour of a future promise of 7.0. You claim that "However, later we have changed our mind and decided to reschedule the release date...", yet this was not disclosed until now.

Any IT business that wants to be taken seriously in the modern world needs to understand the importance of HONOURING YOUR COMMITMENTS. I was impressed that OPEN CASCADE actually published a release in plan 2010, but I now feel that you have lost my trust - and I believe this decision will affect your relationship with all your customers.

Peter Dolbey

Thomas Paviot's picture

Dear supervisor,

The "what's new" page of the page claims :
Note: Major (X.0) and minor (X.Y) releases are available to all users of Open CASCADE Technology. Maintenance releases (X.Y.Z) are available to our customers only. For more information please contact us.
Since 6.4 release (minor) is not a public release, but is customer only, this sentence is false. It should be removed from the what's new page.

Best Regards,


Forum supervisor's picture

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for noticing this non conformity .
We have corrected the message on "What's new" page at .

Best regards,
Forum supervisor

Thomas Paviot's picture

Thanks supervisor for your wishes and these excellent news about the next public release. Don' t apologize for the unanticipated "radical increase of business activity" : the wide adoption of OCCT is of course a good opportunity for you, from a business viewpoint, but also for the OCCT community who trusts the technology and believe in the project as well as the licensing policy (even though the latter could be improved). May your customers keep you under a high pressure for 2011!

Much looking forward to reading the coming OCCT7 release notes,

Best wishes,

Thomas Paviot

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Thanks huge for your warm congratulations and for your huge work. We will always try to make at least a bit open project of OCC better. That you do thanks for all for community, and also for buyers of release.

Happy New Year and Christmas!

jelle's picture

How are things shaping up wrt. the 7.0 release?
Is mid-feb. still the expected release date?

QbProg's picture


heXus's picture


P Dolbey's picture

Well, it's now the middle of February and all we've seen is that another patch level release 6.4.1 has been made available to OCC customers only. Still no news about the mythical 7.0 public release promised for this date. Are we to going to see another excuse in the near future, as it seems unlikely we will see 7.0 so close to this last release?

Peter Dolbey

P Dolbey's picture

And now 6.4.2 release in the same month as previous release 6.4.1 - only to customers yet again. Remember that the last OCC public release 6.3 was made in September 2008, that's nearly 2.5 years ago. As an open source project, that pretty much represents a dead project. Now, it's obvious that there is some activity in OCC, maybe that gives some hope that the community will be supported but I'd rather see some explicit honesty from OPEN CASCADE, which seems lacking at the moment.

If you look at the corporate affiliations, say though LinkedIn, of many of the active participants to this forum, you will see that this is impacting your credibility with some of the biggest names in industry.


Jun's picture

Totally agree with you! The openness of OCC seems to be dead forever, or had already been dead as early as Sept. 2008.

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