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Graphic2D_Text Pick selection bug

zgaal's picture

There is a bug in Graphic2D_Text::Pick. If the text is rotated, the selection fails. Some coordinate system changes are incorrect. That is, absolute values ares used instead of the rotateted relative vales (or sg. like that). The correction:

//bugfix gzp
//Standard_ShortReal dx = TX-(myX+ox+myDx);
//Standard_ShortReal dy = TY-(myY+oy+myDy);
//Standard_ShortReal x = XROTATE(dx,dy);
//Standard_ShortReal y = YROTATE(dx,dy);
Standard_ShortReal dx = TX-(myX);
Standard_ShortReal dy = TY-(myY);
Standard_ShortReal x = XROTATE(dx,dy);
Standard_ShortReal y = YROTATE(dx,dy);
x -= ox + myDx;
y -= oy + myDy;
//bugfix gzp

The same stands for FramedText and HidingText.
(By the way what are the HidingText, Hiding*, etc classes used for?)


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