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GeomAPI_IntSS Problem

A.Akbari's picture

Hi EveryBody,
I use the following code to find the intersection
curve between a surface (MySurface) and a Plane
Most of the generated curves (aCurve1) exactly lie
down on MySurface, but many of them are wrong
that a part of these wrong curves are straight lines and
dont lie down on MySurface.
Thanks for any help that satisfy this mistake.
gp_Dir d1(1,0,0);
Standard_Real j=aXmin;
while(j {
gp_Pnt p1(j,0,0);
Handle(Geom_Surface) MyPlane=GC_MakePlane(p1,d1).Value();
GeomAPI_IntSS aInterSS(MySurface,MyPlane,1.0e-7 );

if (aInterSS.IsDone()==Standard_True)
Standard_Integer aNumberLines = aInterSS.NbLines();
for(Standard_Integer i = 1; i {
//there is only one curve as a result
Handle(Geom_Curve) aCurve1 = aInterSS.Line(i);
//…. show the curve(aCurve1)

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