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[Feature request] NCollection classes to have extra argument instead of IsEqual()

Roman Lygin's picture

Currently NCollection classes (e.g. NCollection_DataMap) enforces use of the IsEqual() function to compare map keys. This makes it impossible (or makes use of ugly work-arounds) if I want to use two maps with the same key types but with different comparison functions, inside one file. For instance, in the same class I want to have two data maps with TopoDS_Shape as key. In most cases, IsEqual(S1, S2) must be defined as return S1.IsSame (S2). But I also need a map that would implement S1.IsPartner (S2).

To enable that, NCollection_DataMap should offer an extra argument in its template declaration that would default to IsEqual() but would allow a user-defined value.

Thank you.