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fatal error in graphic initialization

Anonymous's picture

I have compiled successfully one of the sample program for Windows 98. I have put the set CSF_GRAPHICSHR=c:\cas3.0\WinNT\dll\opengl.dll in autoexec.bat. I have also set other environment variables as mentioned in section 1.10 in FAQ section. But I still have this error [fatal error in graphics initialzation] pop up everytime I try to run the application.

As I compiled these samples in debug mode, I traced into a file called OSD_SharedLibrary.cxx and traced into a method called DlOpen where I stepped until LoadLibraryEx(...) and the handle returned is 0x0000 and the GetLastError() returns 31 which is ERROR_GEN_FAILURE (A Device attached to the system is not functioning). I do not know what has happen. Can anyone helps in this matter ?

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