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External render or new engine

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Hi, guys !

I want to start working under plugin creation for generating realistic images for OCC scenes (shadows, lights, specular and other cool things).

Does anybody working around and what you are think: use some opensource renders or make new engine with GL3.0 spec?

jelle's picture

Have you thought of using shaders (GLSL)?
Interesting idea!

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

In the fact I don't see any way to make good visual without shaders... By the way with stencil buffer we can create some visual effects

Here is what I need at result.

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

At this post default OCC textures (w/o modulation)

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

My modifications of OCC AIS_Shape and something more...

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Without shaders experience... easy effects

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Yuriy,

We appreciate your plans to contribute to OCCT visualization component evolution.
Could you please try to formulate your ideas in more details at OCCT Visualization forum ( in a dedicated thread or using the existing thread "Inputs for the road-map"(
Probably, it is worth having a look at OCCT visualization tools project page (, some stuff might be there already.
Like this, we will be able to synchronize our vision of the technical solutions you are going to implement, and potentially consider their integration into one of the future OCCT releases.

And in case if you have already applied some modifications to OCCT visualization component, you could make them much easier to discuss by publishing them in accordance with the OCCT Contribution Workflow (

We are looking forward to extended technical discussion with you at Collaborative development portal (!

Best regards
Forum supervisor

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

There is no problem to contribute some extensions/changes.

I live in Nizhny Novgorod.

By the way the link that you take and Snapshots that there included is not good visualization.

I have found some extension that may be used, something like Mitsuba, Aqsis, LuxRender, YafaRay - all OpenSource. All this application may be used like extension with OCC librarys (or may be used as leaning material)

There is no problem only with good shading/specular, but we need the realistic, not Support for stereo rendering.

See the good visual at this post.

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

And here the realistic processing from the previous scene.

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Before processing, on the top we have easy shading (may be created w/o shaders, only GL specification)

jelle's picture

Yuriy, an inspiration might be this project: which couple Yafray and PythonOCC

Yuriy Sinithin's picture

Many thanks. In the fact I'm not alone with find good visual !

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Yuriy,
Nice to meet your agreement.
We also would be grateful to you if you posted all relevant information in a more suitable location (at OCCT Visualization forum - pointed out in my previous post. This would allow to share your ideas with more people.

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