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Exporting extruded shapes via XCAF

Ben Hollingsworth's picture

I write a commercial application that converts our native 3D model format into TopoDS_Shapes, creates an XCAF document, and then exports that document to STEP and IGES.  Up til now, we've only exported faceted polyhedrons.  We now have a need to export extruded profiles (both straight and curved) to the final STEP & IGES files.  I've been reading documentation for a while, but I can't figure out how to convert a Geom_SurfaceOfLinearExtrusion or Geom_SurfaceOfRevolution into a TopoDS_Shape so that it can be exported as such to STEP/IGES.  These shapes cannot be exported as tessellated polyhedrons.

Here's another wrinkle:  Many of these extruded shapes have voids cut out of them.  I still need to have the raw, uncut shape exported as an extrusion.  The voids need to be exported as their own shapes.  Performing the void removal in OCCT and exporting the resulting BREP won't work.  The files I'm creating will be used by a steel bending & cutting machine, so they need to have the original bend line and the voids given to them individually.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to approach both of these tasks?