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Error while starting the NT-3D Viewer

Heinrich Kiehm's picture


I've problems working with the new Release 3.0.

I downloaded all Sources (Application Framework soure is missing) and NT Binaries.

I downloaded the NT-Examples from Examples.

I compiled an linked (without any changes to the project file) the Application 'SampleViewer3d'

When I start the application I get the following error '"Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation"'

This error is created by the following constructor CSampleViewer3dApp::CSampleViewer3dApp() {


{myGraphicDevice = new Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice();}


{AfxMessageBox("Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation");} } I get this error on a new installed NT4, as well as on an new installed Win98

Regards Heinrich Kiehm

Régis Le Boité's picture


You wrote:

> I downloaded all Sources (Application
> Framework soure is missing) and NT Binaries.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have fixed the problem now.

Régis Le Boité

Heinrich Kiehm's picture

Viewer is Working now I included the environment variable CSF_GRAPHICSHR = e:\cas3.0\windows_NT\dll\opengl.dll

Thank you for quick answer

Heinrich Kiehm

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