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error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol

Shockwave's picture


I have tried to use this method and I have the unresolved external symbol, from linking.
I have seen the TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector.hxx file where the Method Tolerance2() is defined but I can't find the implementation not in TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector.cxx, ixx, jxx or TopOpeBRep_EdgesIntersector_1.cxx

Is there a missing implementation for this method?
I have found some other similar cases, if is there a real problem with this method I can report these other cases.

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Shockwave,
I suggest you to report the posted problem in Mantis BugTracker,
available via the Collaborative portal -
Best regards

Shockwave's picture

I can't access for report a bug.
I have used my login and password but the access was denided

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Shockwave,
You should select 'Community' as a project to report a bug.
Best regards

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