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Encountered problems with OCC660

Denis Teissandier's picture

I am trying to build OCC660 from WOK660.

I am working on Windows7 and Visual C++2010.
My computer is a new computer : there was no previous release of OCC installed on it.

I have installed OCC660.
I have installed WOK660.

The first launch of work was normal.
I have made the ros workbench corresponding to the install directory of OCC660.

(I chose the following options : win32.)

I used wprocess to build OCC from wok.

wprocess -DGroups=Src, Xcpp, SchXcpp is ok.
wprocess -DGroups=Obj : the compiler ask me to add the DWNT option.

Displayed message : ... Standard_Macro.hxx(40) : fatal error C1189: #error : "Wrong compiler options has been detected. Add /DWNT option for proper compilation !!!!!!"

Is it normal ?

I have added this option in the CSF_WNT.edl file.

Then the step wprocess -DGroups=obj gave good results.

wprocess -DGroups=Dep is ok.
wprocess -DGroups=Lib crashed.

Example of displayed error :
Dynamic_StringParameter.obj : error LNK2001: symbole externe non résolu : "public: virtual void __thiscall Standard_Storable::Delete(void)" ....

Has someone already met this problem ?



Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Denis,

We have checked the posted problem and can report you that it is not reproduced.
I suggest you to:
- download once again binary WOK package (
- install binary WOK package
1.Follow strictly the specified guide instructions
2. Don't forget to use relevant 3rdparty products -

If you will not succeed you may contact us via the Contact Form
We will try to find a solution/workaround acceptable for you.
Best regards

Denis Teissandier's picture

I have built OCC following the specified guide instructions.
The building process works fine.
The launch of draw executable works fine.

Nevertheless, I have some questions :
1. from wok660 the compilation of occ by wprocess -Dgroups=Obj works fine.
wprocess -DGroups=Dep works fine.
wprocess -DGroups=Lib,Exec crashes. Why ?
Is it possible to perform the links without launching visual studio ?

2. from wok660, I have added my workbench refw2010 as follows :
wcreate -f ros refw2010
Then I have added some UD (packages, toolkits).
I was not very surprise when wprocess -DGroups=Lib,Exec crashes.

I tried to use the following method :

:LOC:dev:refw2010> wgenproj -target=vc10 -no_wprocess
the 'vc10' target has been applied
skip wprocess

I can not find the files used by visual studio in order to build my workbench following a similar method used to build occ.

Example :
:LOC:dev:refw2010> cd adm
:LOC:dev:refw2010> ls

Is it normal ?

What is the normal process to build my workbench ?

3. Is it the end of wok to build an application ?
This tool is nice ...



Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Denis,
The "Workshop Organization Kit User’s Guide" is at your disposal together with binary WOK package (see wok.pdf in 'doc' sub-directory). You may find answers in this document.
Once again if you need our professional technical support you may contact us via the Contact Form
Best regards

Denis Teissandier's picture


Where is the documentation about wgenproj ?

There is nothing in wok.pdf.

Is this command able to deal with any workbench ?


Forum supervisor's picture

Dear Denis,
'wgenproj' command is described in the document "Building OCCT with WOK" referred before in my first answer to you =>
Be more careful, please.
Best regards

Arivazhagan's picture

Go to this link and help yourself.

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