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Edges connecting wires?

Nathaniel Essenberg's picture


I'm new to OCCT, and I'm currently trying to use it read STEP files. I'm starting to make some progress.

I'm (for now) reading in the wires for all faces, using for example something like this:

TopExp_Explorer exp;
for(exp.Init(aShape, TopAbs_FACE); exp.More(); exp.Next())
    TopoDS_Face f = TopoDS::Face(exp.Current());

	TopoDS_Wire w = BRepTools::OuterWire(f);

	if (!w.IsNull())
		BRepTools_WireExplorer we{ w, f };
		for (we.Init(w, f); we.More(); we.Next())
			const TopoDS_Shape& shp = we.Current();
            // TMP: find some points on the edge so I can render it
			ProcessEdgeCurve(shp, segmentCount);

(I know I could use an Explorer with TopAbs_EDGE on the shape directly; I was trying different ways because of my problem)

This sort of works, but I have a problem:

There are wires/edges connecting the different faces...

(Please have a look at the screenshot I attached. I highlighted some of these edges, they are all straight and blue-ish)

It looks to me like these are simply to move from one shape to another, but I don't want to draw those. Is there anything I can do to identify these extra edges? So I could hide them.

I also opened the file in FreeCAD, but it looks fine in there.

And this is the file I'm testing with right now:

I hope someone knows what I'm doing wrong :)