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DRAWEXE doesn't show any screen

yokoyamy jacic's picture


I use OCE-0.18. I built it by mingw+msys on Windows7 32BitPC .

After installation and set environment variable.I typed `DRAWEXE` and `pload DEFAULT`.



Draw[1]> pload DEFAULT



However,Windows Screen is not shown.

I can see the process of DRAWEXE is in the task-manager.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Forum supervisor's picture

Dear yokoyami jacic,

If you are interested in using MinGW for Open CASCADE Technology, it should be reasonable switching to OCCT 7.0.0 release which contains
several fixes regarding to MinGW usage, including fixes for loading plugins in Draw Harness.
Concerning OCE, it is quite possible that MinGW compatibility does not include Draw Harness at all.

Best regards

yokoyamy jacic's picture

Thank you for your advice.

I downloaded OCCT-7.0.0 as your advicd and tried to generate makefie with CMAKE.

However ,I couldn't generate with following error messages.I've already installed freetype in my msys /user/local. 

Could you tell me how to tell CMAKE where freetype is.

Info: TCL is used by OCCT
Info: TK is used by OCCT
Info: Freetype is used by OCCT
Info: TKIVtk and TKIVtkDraw toolkits excluded due to VTK usage is disabled
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:559 (message):

Benjamin Bihler's picture

yokoyamy jacic's picture

Thank you for your reply

Only  3RDPARTY_FREETYPE_DLL_DIR doesn't work.


Also there is a dll file in the path where  I set into  3RDPARTY_FREETYPE_DLL_DIR .

yokoyamy jacic's picture

I solved this.

Renamig freetype-6.dll to freetype.dll

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