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direct modelling and user engagement

AP's picture

Has anyone ever implemented the ARCBALL widget as suggested by shoemaker in 1992.

It seems the AIS family of interactive objects are quite passive in their interactivity, they only "Draw" objects to screen, there isn't a mechanism for Callbacks triggered upon user actions in the viewport, at a minimum "on mouse down or up" or "mouse move and hover" would be great to have or any other way of triggering a response from special conditions like sensitive features, there isn't a "Handle" concept or any other type of 3d widget that is normally present in visualization libraries like "HOOPS visualize", "OpenScenegraph", "coin3d" or VTK.

At the moment the burden is on the developer to create these features, which are in fact basic to most 3d applications today, it would be great if similar to how OCC allows me to froget about the mathematics of BREPS and NURBS and deal with the domain level problem, if OCC visualization component would also take care of the 3d user interaction.

I quite like using the OCC viewports, I only see the limitations of not having "Direct Modelling" features as an issue.

Is there any plans to include 3d widgets like a "draggable plane" or an "angle widget", a "jack" for xyz handling or a traditional ARCBALL for rotations and translation of objects on the next releases of OCC.

I think having such a feature would increase the value of the OCC library exponentially, since it will facilitate developers to incorporate "direct manipulation" in 3d applications which in turn will increase more demand for the library.

I know your target clientele is a much higher end market normally manufacturing and space programs, but these feature will make OCC more widely adopted by developers of consumer level products such as CAD packages for design, to be sold at low cost but in bulk.