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Different Selection Mode for Different Object

Kamil Sikorski's picture

Hi Everyone,

Here is my problem. I wish to have different selection modes for different objects in my local context. Or somehow be able to swap between different contexts depending on what action I am performing.

To be more specific, I have a model that I need to load, and then be able to add objects onto that model. In order to add an object I would like to be able to select a face on the model, find the intersection of the line formed by the eye and at point of the selected face, and add the object in that location.

Now, after I add the objects, I want to be able to perform operations on that object, or add new objects. To add a new one, I need to once again select a face, but to perform operations on the object I need to select the whole object (which is a TopoDS_Compound). Therefore, I need to be able to take advantage of 2 selection modes (TopAbs_SHAPE & TopAbs_FACE) either in the same context, or be able to swap between contexts.

I have tried the following, and different version of it.


myAISContext->SetSelectionMode(AISShape, TopAbs_FACE);
myAISContext->Activate(AISShape, TopAbs_FACE);
myAISContext->Deactivate(AISShape, TopAbs_SHAPE);

myAISContext->SetSelectionMode(AISShape, TopAbs_SHAPE);
myAISContext->Activate(AISShape, TopAbs_SHAPE);
myAISContext->Deactivate(AISShape, TopAbs_FACE);