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Debug version of the binaries on WNT

Anonymous's picture


I think , it will be good if the Open CASCADE team will post also the debug version of the binaries on WNT ( *.lib *.dll & *.pdb ).

The Visual C++ Debuger is so confortable ....

And Re-Compiling all the cascade libraries takes a lot of time.


Vlad Romashko's picture

Hello Stephane!

I agree that VC++ debugger is very confortable. But I don't believe that You are going to debug all the CAS.CADE libraries. You may recompile only the necessary files in debug mode. It will take not very much time. Good luck, Vlad

Stephane Routelous's picture

Hello Vlad,

It is true, but I would like to be able to download the debug files and not to take the sources and recompile them by myself.


Jean Rahuel's picture

I agree with you and I shall try to see that with my colleagues for a future release.

Best Regards,

Jean Rahuel (O.C.C. team)

Mikael Aronsson's picture

Hi !

I would also like be able to download it with debug information available, I am not very good at the OIPEN Cascade API yet, and when I test code and things doesn't work they way I expect, it would be very nice to be able to debug into the cascade code and see whats going on.

And second, I don't think it's very easy to recompile a library, there is no .dsp file avaialable so I have to make it on my own, that includes, ceating a project, settings up include path to the correct subdirectory under drv\ and the inc\ directories and then look up the correct files to include in the project in the .comp and .lnk files, doing this for all libraries would take some:) time, or is there some neat trick do do this in an easy way maybe ?


Martine Langlois's picture

Both Debug and Release versions of dll and lib will be available with the final release of Open CASCADE 3.0 in March 20th.